How To Wash A Shirt

Few things are as simply satisfying as putting on a crisp, clean shirt in the morning. By knowing the optimal way to wash your Eton shirt you make sure your shirt continues to look and feel great, wash after wash.

Our shirts are made to last, but by taking proper care of them you will extend their lifespan even further — and reduce your environmental footprint. Water and energy use, and the stress of less than optimal laundering practices on the garments means all laundry has a definite environmental impact. The good news is, a few clever tricks places the power to reduce it in your hands. Follow our guide to take care of your shirt the Eton way, and you will enjoy your premium quality Eton shirt for longer.

Before you wash: Studies show that many of us wash our clothes more often than necessary. We recommend washing your shirt only when it is dirty. To decide whether you need to wash it or not, use your eyes and nose to determine. Reduce — If you want that fresh feel in-between washes, air your shirt on a hanger for a few hours, preferably outside, but inside works too. To freshen it and straighten a few creases, hang it on a hanger in the bathroom while you shower (it will act like a steamer).