How To Keeping Cotton Clothes

Find stains on clothes and remove them

If your cotton clothes or bedding are stained, remove the stains with stain remover before putting them in the washing machine. The time required to remove a stain depends on how much time has passed since the stain was created.



 Cloth fibers react differently when washed and exposed to stain remover products. When you use a stain remover for the first time for colored cotton clothes, especially dark clothes, first try that product on the hem to make sure it does not change the color of the garment.


Detergents and clothes softener

The best option for removing dirt, body odor and most stains from the clothes is to choose a high efficiency detergent (HE). However, if your clothes are slightly dirty, it’s all right to use any type of detergent you want to wash cotton clothes. Clothes softener soften cotton clothes and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, using them is not necessary for cotton clothes and the choice is yours.


Removing stains

Like all other clothes, stains on cotton garments should be removed quickly according to the stain removal instructions to prevent permanent stains. Follow the instructions carefully and leave it in the stain remover for at least 10 minutes for better result. Then, put it in the washing machine. Although many people use chlorinated bleach to bleach their cotton clothes, the fact is that chlorinated bleach weakens cotton fibers. Undiluted chlorinated bleach should never come in direct contact with the fibers of the cloth as it will cause perforation of it.

The diluted solutions of these bleaches can be safely used to clean and bleach cotton or cellulose fibers. Always read and follow the instructions on the bleach label carefully. However, keep in mind that even diluted solutions weaken the cloth fibers and long-term use can lead to wear and tear. A better option for bleaching and brightening white and colored cotton clothes is to use oxygenated bleaches. They act more slowly than chlorinated solutions. Therefore, when using them, for best results, the clothes should be soaked in the solution for at least 1 hour. Read the product label before use and follow the instructions.



Excessive drying not only makes cotton garments shrink due to the high temperature, but also causes the cloth to wrinkle excessively. For cotton clothes, choose the anti-wrinkle mode or use a dryer low speed such as 400 rpm. White cotton clothes can be dried without using dryer on the clothesline with sunlight. Hang colored clothes away from direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading.



Some cotton clothes get too wrinkled when washed and need to be ironed. To iron these clothes, set the ironing temperature to medium and always iron the clothes inside out. If you are worried about burning your clothes, you can put another cloth between the iron and the cotton clothes. Extremely high temperature when ironing can burn cellulose fibers. Burning or yellowing of the cloth occurs when the fibers of the cloth begin to burn. If you want the cloth to be starched after ironing, use a starching spray while ironing. To starch the shirts, you need to use liquid starch. You can also use fumigator or hang clothes in a steam bath to remove wrinkles on cotton clothes. This will not make your clothes look starchy, but it will remove large wrinkles.

Should cotton clothes be given to dry cleaning?

If you have cotton shirt, dark jeans, coat or pants and you want to prevent its color from fading and rotting, one of the best options is to give them to dry cleaning. Professional laundry staff know how to clean the cloth properly.


Keeping clothes

Cotton is a durable cloth and can be worn daily for a long time. To keep cotton in good condition, fold cotton pants and put them in the closet. Also, hang cotton shirts in the closet to prevent them from wrinkling. To maintain the shape, color and quality of cotton clothes, especially jeans, try to wash them less. To prevent clothes from fading, turn them inside out before washing, do not overfill your washing machine and use cold water for washing, if possible.



Despite the high durability of cotton clothes, they may also be prone to tearing and fading. If you are good at tailoring, repairing a torn garment will be very easy for you. If the clothes are torn a lot, you can give them to the tailor for repairing.